A prisoner fled from the police on his way back to prison. The man used a pee break near a federal highway to escape. Now the police are looking for him with a massive manhunt.

The police warn of a prisoner who escaped during a transport in Soltau in the Heidekreis on Thursday. He is considered violent, the police wrote. The man was accompanied on his way from a court hearing in Lüneburg to the penitentiary in Rehburg/Loccum.

The prisoner used a toilet in the Soltau district of Stübeckshorn to escape. When he wanted to go pee near the B71, he broke free and ran away instead.

A police spokesman for “Bild”: “The man is considered violent. At the time of the escape, he was wearing handcuffs, which he has since removed.” The police are searching for the man at high pressure and also used a personal tracking dog, among other things. However, the trace of the man was lost on a campsite.

His criminal record is long. In December 2020, the fugitive was sentenced to three years and six months in prison for robbery, bodily harm and threats, among other things. Because, according to “Bild”, he had an addiction problem, he was sent to the penitentiary in Rehburg/Locum.

The man is said to have threatened employees there and was therefore sentenced by the Lüneburg District Court. In the revision, which was heard on Thursday, he received a fine. He then managed to escape on the way back to prison.

The man is 1.73 meters tall, somewhat plump, has a bald head with a fringe of hair, wears blue jeans and a colorful short-sleeved shirt. The Soltau police will take information on the whereabouts of the fugitive on 05191/93800 or any other police station.