In Dubai, Anis Ferchichi (44) and his wife Anna-Maria (41) want to start a whole new life with their seven children in August 2022. After the successful documentary series “Bushido – RESET” it’s now time for “Bushido

The timing is crucial. Earlier this year, more dates are pending in the rapper’s legal battle with his former manager Arafat Abou-Chaker. The allegations: attempted severe extortion, deprivation of liberty, insult and dangerous bodily harm. Since Bushido separated from Arafat in 2017, the extended family has feared for their lives. For years, the Ferchichis lived under police protection in Berlin.

Then Anna-Maria Bushido presented an ultimatum: either the two emigrate together or she separates from him. Desperately, Anna-Maria said: “Either you go with us or you don’t go with us. But if you don’t go with us, then you’re separated.”

Bushido agrees. A restart is needed. The move from Berlin to Dubai: Not a luxury adventure for the family, but the desire for normality and security.

Arriving in Dubai, the stress is far from over. The reality in the desert metropolis hits the family with full force. Security checks instead of peace and quiet. A burst pipe in the house and no WLAN far and wide. Shopping is also on the agenda. Seven children want to be taken care of. New territory for the rapper.

While Anna-Maria tries to reconcile household, children and moving, Bushido sleeps in for a long time. Classic role distribution is normal at Ferchichi. Annoyed Anna-Maria: “In almost twelve years, Anis has never woken up the children, dressed them or made breakfast.” Numerous smaller and larger quarrels follow. “Everything is always relaxed for him because I take care of it,” complains the mother of eight. “He doesn’t understand why I’m always so electrified.”

Then the shock. Anna-Maria has been suffering from a capsule infection on her thigh for a long time. The stress of moving is too much for the 41-year-old. After only five days in Dubai, Anna-Maria ended up in the hospital, where she underwent multiple operations. “I didn’t know that you could survive so many surgeries in a row,” Anna-Maria later marvels. “I used to have my breasts done just like that. I wouldn’t do that today with so many children.” The mother has to stay in the hospital for several days.

And Bushido? The passionate late riser and morning grouch suddenly has to deal with his seven children. That means getting up at 6:30 am. The children have to go to school.

Bushido wants to do everything right this time. He takes on the challenge with stoic calm and does surprisingly well. He wakes up all the children on time and even takes care of breakfast and school fees. “My wife is sometimes stressed, I’m a bit more relaxed,” boasts the new super dad.

When daughter Aaliyah doesn’t finish on time, the rapper doesn’t seem so relaxed anymore. But this problem can also be solved thanks to the support of the three nannies who are specially hired in Dubai. Nevertheless: the will counts. A few minutes late, all four children are on the shuttle to the international school. And Bushido can lie down and relax again.

Fortunately, after a few days the spook is over again. Anna-Maria comes home from the hospital and, even though she is still a bit shaky, she can finally move into the villa properly. In the days that followed, she was still dependent on husband Bushido’s help. He supports his wife wherever he can. Only getting up early still causes problems for the rapper. When the container with the furniture arrives from Germany, Bushido stays in bed, how could it be otherwise.

Bushido adores his wife and seven children. It is after this first episode of “Bushido

RTL stages the two as the couple who struggle through alone. It’s probably not quite like that. Again and again a young man with a Manbun, but without a name, runs through the picture. There is talk of an au pair and several nannies. The size of the Ferchichi entourage remains a mystery. In fact, a few more people seem to be involved in this Dubai project.

Why cameras and publicity when Bushido is looking for peace and quiet? Among other things, conceivable: Bushido and Anna-Maria want to regain control of their image. This is only understandable after the long time under Arafat.

It’s still crunching and jerking in the desert paradise. But the initial difficulties seem to have been overcome. The upcoming episodes, which RTL will continue to show on Thursdays at 8:15 p.m., will show whether Bushido will retain his newly acquired Superpapa skills and whether the dream of a normal life in Dubai will come true for the extended family.

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