The supposed love-off between Mats and Cathy Hummels has been announced for many months. Again and again he made the headlines with alleged affairs and ties. Dating expert and relationship coach Emanuel Albert suspects another reason behind the end of the former dream soccer couple. He told the “Bild” newspaper: “Mats got stuck, probably like all big boys.” But what does that mean in plain language?

Albert emphasizes exactly what Cathy tries to prove again and again with harmonious photos of the small family on Instagram: “The relationship between the two is never over, a child keeps them together.” For little Ludwig (4), the two apparently still want to form a unit. However, the expert continues: “The problem is that they are so different. Cathy is switched to family, she wants to be happy as a woman with the child and the family.” On the other hand there is the “stuck” Mats. “He’s a great footballer, looks fantastic… I think his concept was completely different and they went for a swim with that. But they will always be linked through Ludwig. That can’t be changed.”

The relationship coach does not expect the new women in Mats Hummels’ orbit, such as GNTM winner Céline Bethmann (23), to have a great chance of a great future with the national soccer player. “He’s not the perfect marriage model, he also meets women who aren’t looking for marriage. That’s the classic fun faction. I don’t think any of the influencers will make the running as a new wife, even if the ladies may have hope do.”, says Albrecht. But where does the future path of the Hummels family lead?

The expert also has an answer and a message for Cathy Hummels: “She’s cool, smiles, wants to keep it all together. But she has to accept that her child’s father is not the dream husband, but maybe the dream dad . However, the path to a cool blended family takes years.” We can only hope that the two of them can master this challenge – also and especially for the sake of their son.

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Mats and Cathy Hummels have filed for divorce after a year apart, according to a media report. Should this actually be carried out, it would involve several million euros. There is no marriage contract between the two.

It just became known that Cathy and Mats Hummels have filed for divorce. A mysterious posting on Instagram seemed to indicate this step in advance.

Footballer Mats Hummels and his wife Cathy have filed for divorce. This is reported by the “Bild” newspaper. The two had previously been separated for a year. Their relationship lasted 14 years.

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