Tennis legend Boris Becker wants to be relocated to Germany before Christmas. Instead of spending his sentence in Wandsworth Prison, he is hoping for a suspended sentence in his home country. An insider reveals: He is sure that it will work.

Tennis legend Boris Becker has been in British Wandsworth prison for more than two weeks. Apparently he has not yet gotten used to the new circumstances of his life. The tiny cell, the poor hygiene conditions, the noise and the poor food bother the 54-year-old. In addition, Becker is said to have already made several emergency calls from his cell.

That’s too much for the fallen tennis star. He wants to go back to Germany as soon as possible. An insider has now told the British newspaper The Sun more specifically.

“The Sun” quotes: “Becker is very confident that he will be back in Germany by Christmas.” Instead of the scheduled two and a half years in Great Britain, Boris Becker wants to come to Germany at the end of the year. There, the person convicted of delaying bankruptcy could then spend the rest of his sentence on probation – and would therefore be at large.

According to The Sun, this is Boris Becker’s plan. “He thinks he’ll be out there on probation at Christmas, the legal system there is much milder.” Under British law, that would even be possible. The so-called “Early Removal Scheme” can come into force because Boris Becker never obtained British citizenship.

But there is one requirement: the Wimbledon winner must show exemplary behavior in prison. Becker seems to know that too. According to The Sun, he is already teaching English to non-English speaking inmates at Wandsworth Prison.

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