a Comprehensive program of socio-economic development of the Chuvash Republic, about the development of which previously announced the acting head of the region Oleg Nikolaev, waiting and actively discussed. This is logical in the socio-economic situation in the Chuvash Republic in recent years has worsened: the economy was in the doldrums, the residents were leaving in search of work, existing resources were not involved.

However, the interest in the “programme of Nikolaev” is not only in relation to the past, but mostly thanks to the bold design of the future team of the new head of region and his personal vision of the upcoming steps. We will remind that Nikolaev long time worked in the offices at the Federal level, where the use of modern approaches is considered important and essential. Now he brings this experience to the region – in the Integrated program this is a direct reflection. Note that in the development of the programme took part representatives of business and expert community of the Chuvash Republic, as well as “international center of regional development”. They managed not just to identify systemic problems and propose solutions to them with specific resources and expected result. But what is even more important is the combined efforts of various experts of the region that in the past the leadership was almost impossible. The coordinator was the Chairman of the Duma Committee on economic policy Anatoly Aksakov, who a few months ago at the suggestion of Nikolaev headed the Supreme economic Council of the Republic. An active part in the work received the ex-President of Chuvashia, now the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Nikolai Fyodorov.

“We have studied in detail a Comprehensive program of socio-economic development of the Chuvash Republic, to highlight the main areas, through which it is planned to lead to prosperity, – said Nikolaev. – The big block is devoted to the analysis of the current situation and the assessment of constraining the country’s development problems.” In his opinion, the region has all the necessary set of documents of strategic planning and program development, but the document needs to “understand the causes of improper development and to take concrete steps to reverse the negative trends.”

among the global problems of the Republic – the lack of available land, the quality of the road network, the provision of quality water and wastewater treatment, disposal and aging of the rural population, weak localization of industrial production, uncoordinated digitization.

in Addition to the global problems the authors identify a number of industry. Thus, among the priority issues to be addressed in the industry, the problems mentioned certificationfication (certification, accreditation) important for the economy of the Chuvash Republic products, weak protection of the domestic market and insufficient preferential support and other. As the road map, involving 59 specific activities including the reduction of the costs associated with product certification for Russian manufacturers, reform the Republican institutions and others.

more than 300 investment projects program 92 projects are development projects of industrial enterprises. Among the major projects include: creation of production of tractors small and medium power in Russia in the framework of the Speke 2.0 (OOO “MIG “GTC”); projects for the development of chemical production of JSC “Khimprom” (modernization of the organosilicon complex with the increase of commodity output, the construction of the production of hydrogen peroxide with a capacity of 50 000 tons).

At the same time the authors pay attention to the atypical structure of the regional economy (gross regional product) for the economy of Russia. So, if the share of agriculture in the country is 4.3%, in the Chuvash Republic is 8.3%. In the Republic of well-developed manufacturing industry and 27.9% vs. 19% in Russia. Mining and Vice versa – 0.1% of GRP against 14.8 per cent.

it is planned the implementation of the 309 investment projects. The volume of investments in such projects programme in 2020-2025 will exceed 162,4 billion. The greatest levels of financing provided for housing construction – by 42.4%, industry 29%, agriculture – 14%.

the Main drivers of growth of economy of the Chuvash Republic will be the manufacturing industry, the agro-industrial complex (including storage and processing), information technology and tourism, as well as construction activities in the implementation of investment projects and infrastructure development within the program.

as a result of planned investments by the enterprises of the Chuvash Republic additional volume of sales of products (works, services) in 2025 will amount to 88 billion rubles, and after all the projects with full capacity after 2028 – more than 115,7 billion.

a Separate area in the program fixed the digitalization of the region. This applies to business processes and governance, and the needs of the population. It is planned not only to increase the availability of mobile communication and the Internet, but also greatly expand the practical application of IT technologies in management and business processes.

in order to deeply examine these areas, it was decided to organize in the Republic of situational center. In addition, to improve the efficiency and monitoring of implementation of the program in General are encouraged to create a separate project office.

Can ��and rebuild Chuvash officials and all regional government – time will tell. But we can say: the development strategy of the region in detail and sufficiently clear.