Pop singer Matthias Carras died on January 14 at the age of just 58. Just a few days earlier, he received the shock diagnosis of leukemia.

Matthias Carras (†) died on Saturday as a result of his cancer. He was only 58 years old. As his record label Fiesta Records published on Instagram, the singer, DJ and presenter died in the presence of his family. The musician was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2020. He fought bravely against it for a long time. But just a few days before his death, he received the next shocking news: leukemia – it was one illness too many for his body.

In the past few years, Matthias Carras had never given up hope of getting well, said Andreas Rosmiarek, his manager and long-time companion, when asked by RTL: “Despite his longstanding cancer – bone cancer – Matthias was always positive and full of creativity.” He even produced a new album and released it in the summer of 2022 under the title “Endlich frei”.

Matthias Carras’ fight against cancer was a constant up and down, his manager explained, according to “rtl.de”: “Often he hoped to have finally defeated the cancer, but there were always setbacks.” One of these Setbacks only recently overtook him, this time particularly severely: “A few days before his death, Matthias received the diagnosis of leukemia from his doctors,” Andreas Rosmiarek continued.

This message was particularly devastating, as only a short time later a new type of therapy from the USA was to be used on the singer, which has now been canceled again. “Three days after this diagnosis, Matthias Carras passed away peacefully in the presence of his wife Anne and their two daughters.”

Even if his manager Andreas Rosmiarek mourns with the family, he is proud that he was able to accompany “Matthias a little bit on his life”. Hardly anyone has “impressed him so much in recent years”. Above all, “his always positive attitude, his willpower, his artistic standards and his team spirit” were “a personal enrichment” for him.

With the release of the album “Endlich frei” Matthias Carras fulfilled a big dream and thus also broke new ground musically. The cancer couldn’t stop him: “Despite numerous health setbacks at the end of 2022, Matthias kept fighting the cancer. He’s already dreamed of a new music album in 2023,” said Andreas Rosmiarek, adding: “After years of fighting cancer, he’s finally free.”

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