Where to go with Kevin Durant? The Brooklyn Nets NBA superstar wants to leave for a new team. His team has found an exchange partner. But the demands for Durant are completely utopian.

Last week, former league MVP Kevin Durant made a surprise move away from the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets general manager, Sean Marks, is now working with Durant and his manager to find a swap partner.

However, finding a new team for KD is proving to be much more difficult than expected. But that could also be related to the insanely high demands of the Nets.

The Brooklyn Nets are said to have demanded the two youngsters Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards and four draft picks from the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for Durant.

NBA expert Vincent Goodwill at Yahoo: “I heard that Brooklyn approached Minnesota and said we want Karl-Anthony Towns, we want Edwards and we want four draft picks.”

After learning of the Nets’ utopian desire, the NBA Twitter world responded accordingly:

Originally posted by OpenCourt Basketball, the NBA is dismayed by what Wolves are asking for Deal of the Year.