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Sunday did the Oslo it clear that they don’t want to open kindergartens and schools in the first week after easter – no matter what the government recommends.

Monday morning, notified also Trondheim that kindergartens and schools are not ready to open full-scale right after easter.

– Full opening 14. april is impossible, no one is ready for it. We have not come far enough in the planning. It is important that we now have surveyed the situation, and that we all agree before we start with the reopening, says growing up – and utdanningsdirektør Camilla Trud Nereid, in the municipality of Trondheim the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK.

NORWEGIAN SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED: All the country’s schools and kindergartens have been closed since Friday the 13. march because of koronakrisen. The question is when everything will be open again.

Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix Must have in place completely new procedures

the Government has notified that there shall be a decision on Wednesday this week about how life in the Norwegian society after easter.

Now working in Trondheim municipality frantically to look at what needs to be clear before they begin to open the doors again, says Nereid.

– You have the very elementary things, such as, for example, that we do not want a bunch of adults in the kindergartens. We must have completely different procedures on how children should be delivered at the beginning of the day, and how they should be collected at the end of the day, ” she explains and elaborates:

– Which groups should be prioritised? Shall we open to children with only one parent in a criticism of society’s role? We will open for 1.-3. step as they have done in Finland? All these questions we must have answers to before we give the go-ahead.

Tromsø believes it is not prudent

Head of department for upbringing and education in Tromsø municipality, Kari Henriksen, says to NRK that it is currently not appropriate to reopen the schools in the municipality.

We must adhere to the guidelines coming from the national authorities. I think it will be unfortunate that we get such information in the holy week. And then we’ll somehow be fully operational from Tuesday next week. It is not prudent business. There are so many practical things that will be in place.

a LOT of THAT MUST be put IN PLACE: It says head of department for upbringing and education in Tromsø municipality, Kari Henriksen.

Photo: Petter Power / NRK Stavanger has laid plans

In Stavanger, schools and kindergartens added action plans for a possible opening.

– This started we with for over a week ago, ” says the director for upbringing and education in the municipality of Stavanger, Helene Ohm, to NRK.

the Municipality is ready to open schools in the short time, if the government should decide it. They have kept 3. easter Sunday to planleggingsdag for all nursery schools and almost all schools. Then they will receive one day of planning before the kids come back.

If the government decides to open schools and kindergartens, in whole or in part, we see it as a great advantage if you get used the first week after easter to plan.

Ohm believes the biggest challenge of an opening is to safeguard the staff and parents in relation to a new situation.

Bergen has anyway closed Tuesday 14. april

In Bergen is the more pending, and is awaiting the government’s decision.

– Otherwise, we keep whatever schools closed Tuesday 14. april. We have no other reviews beyond this, ” says skolebyråd in Bergen, Change Tvinnereim (Ap) to NRK.

One of the opinions that the government should take a position on whether it should be introduced different measures in the different counties, depending on how severely affected they are by koronaviruset.

Kommuneoverlege want to speed up the smittespreiinga

PENDING: Skolebyråd in Bergen, Change Tvinnereim (Ap).

Photo: Bergit Sønstebø Svendseid / NRK Has 550 inhabitants – no one is infected

in the far north of the county we find the small island Lecah. It is not proven korona-infection among the approximately 550 residents, but the school and the kindergarten is still closed.

Tuesday to the management of the municipality to discuss what should happen after easter, with the guidelines from the government as a starting point.

– we Have the opportunity to begin to open after easter, so we look at that possibility. If it is the whole or part of the school and the nursery, we have not decided, ” says skolefaglig advisor in Lecah, Astrid Karlsdatter Sheer, to NRK.

It goes only 54 students of Lecah school. If the school opens after the easter, should the school be operated in a different way than before, think Sheer.

We have available facilities to ensure that students are not sitting on top of each other.

WARY OF OPENING IN LEVANGER MUNICIPALITY: – We are not ready to start just after easter, 14. april. We need a preparation time, and it depends on whether it is full or partial opening, ” says Marit Aksnes is kommunalsjef for upbringing and education in Levanger municipality in Trøndelag.

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