is Particularly Westfalen affected the district of Heinsberg in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is believed that the Virus spread on a carnival session. More than 1000 Infected and 31 Deaths of 250,000 inhabitants-a circle scored on the weekend. In the meantime, however, the curve of the infections flattens out.

“As it was the first case erupted in complete panic. People have to me broken down at night to 12 the door to protective masks,” says Lutz Steinfurth, owner of easyApotheke Heinsberg and adds: “That was not also communicated really well from the policy. Since I made too much of a panic.” In the meantime have improved the Situation, the people have already got used a little bit of the threat.

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The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign “#corona care: Germany helps”. With you! All of the information you find here.

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“The uncertainty is much to remember”

The observed Roland Schmidt in his Berlin Friedrich city pharmacy. In the capital so far, a little more than 2500 infections and 13 Deaths were recorded.

in the Beginning, the uncertainty was very large, but now the people would to the situation in Germany and the measures taken by the Federal government accustomed to: “I am very positively surprised and had not expected in this Form in order. The people have accepted the Situation. This is not to say, of course, that the uncertainty is gone. This is still obvious,” said Schmidt.

This uncertainty is especially evident in the many questions of the customer. Most want to know how your pharmacist evaluates the current Situation. “Of course we do then. Because we take the time and explain the rules, which reduce the risk of contagion,” said Schmidt.

off-the Corona-has increased the General speech need – now, where most of the other shops have closed. “The pharmacy is one of the last points of contact. You have the social function of a hairdresser. We know our regular customers, of course, well, they are always in exchange with them. This should not, of course, also lost now. You want to talk, talk about their lives, talk about their diseases,” says Schmidt.

Still, the should make it better

During the pharmacist try to be your customers, observe them, however, with concern that not all have understood the seriousness of the situation. In the pharmacy in Heinsberg people who belong to a risk group, even now.

“I see people who take it lightly. Still Older come in the pharmacy. I find it difficult to understand. We see this in the recipes, who is vorerkrankt,” says Lutz Steinfurth.

of Course he can understand that people need medication. But there are also other solutions. So pharmacies in Germany provide far drugs home. “The customers will tell always. Calls, we bring it, of course contactless”, the Heins Berger.

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Jonas Güttler/dpa Sign for the town of Heinsberg in the district of Heinsberg in North Rhine-Westphalia.

His easy pharmacy also supports an action of the local radio station is 100.5 with 6000 euros per week. High-risk patients can call and your food order. For a dedicated driver to bring the supermarket to purchase directly home.

employees sit down every day at risk of infection from

Who operates in these times, a pharmacy must not only to his customers but also his employees think. While many of the other German have long been in the home office, the pharmacist in day-to-day contact with many customers. Steinfurth is trying to find the right Balance: “reconnaissance and targeting for the customers Yes, but in spite of the contact to the extent possible minimize. This is not always easy.”i

The Berlin pharmacist, Schmidt refers to the recommendations of the Pharmacists. In the Frederick city pharmacy more than two customers are never in the Store. Breaks may make the employees alone. Employees and customers are protected by panes of Plexiglas.

pharmacies produce a disinfectant, and to wait on protective masks

As in the whole of Germany, the customer demand for protective masks, and disinfectant spray in Heinsberg and Berlin is particularly large. Both of these pharmacies currently have no protection masks and more, you could sell supplies ordered but not yet delivered.

In the case of disinfectants, many pharmacies have found a way out of scarcity: make it yourself. “Just not this, we have enough stock,” said Steinfurth.

“Together, we come out”

in addition to protection masks, disinfectants, and social exchange, the customer will of course also need their daily medications. Schmidt of Berlin is in crisis for a greater flexibility: “people are now much more likely to be ready with their medication to another manufacturer’s switch. The main thing is that you have your medication.”

In times of Corona-crisis, the pharmacy is more important than ever. The pharmacists, it is clear that you take over several functions. “For us, this is a new Situation. We take and give our Best. Together, we come out of it again”, makes the Heinsberger pharmacist courage.

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