U.S. intelligence agencies more than a dozen times we warned the President of the United States Donald trump about the dangers of coronavirus. This became known to the newspaper The Washington Post.

According to current and former officials, talked with the publication, intelligence warned in January and February about the spread of the coronavirus in the United States, but also claimed that Chinese officials are hiding the scale of the spread of the virus and the death toll from him.

As noted by the sources, trump did not take these warnings seriously. In particular, he refused to form a task force of the White house for the coronavirus. In addition, the Deputy national security Advisor Matthew Pottinger called for the termination of air links with Europe in February. However, trump has taken such a step in may.

the American media also reported that U.S. spy agencies have begun to collect information about appeared in China a new type of coronavirus in November. According to sources, this information was reported to the Trump in early January. However, the President himself stated that he learned about the severity of the coronavirus only shortly before the introduction of U.S. travel restrictions to China, which came into force on 2 February.

In early April, US intelligence presented the White house a secret report, which said that China hides true extent of the epidemic of coronavirus in the country. In particular, Beijing was suspected of underestimation as the total number of cases of infection and deaths from infection. U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has publicly called for China and other countries to be transparent in relation to statistics on the coronavirus. Trump, in turn, promised to bring China to justice and to put forward financial claims.