Harvey Weinstein came to the rettslokalet Wednesday in a wheelchair to the right judge read out the verdict of 23 years in prison for valdtekt and sexual assault.

the Ruling comes after a jury of seven men and five women found him guilty on two of five tiltalepunkt.

Prosecutors by Cyrus Vance believes the ruling is important.

Judge send a message today that this type of behavior is not acceptable. We are grateful, ” he said to the press after the verdict was lesen.

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Even think Weinstein he not have done something wrong, and that all sexual activity has been voluntary. He has previously announced that he will appeal the opinion to the jury.

Powerful manufacturer

Harvey Weinstein was one of the greatest filmprodusentane in the world with titles like “Pullp Fiction” and “Gangs of New York”. In 1999, the water he Oscar for “Shakespeare in Love”.

in the Suit against the Weinstein started to roll in October 2017, when the newspaper The New York Times and the magazine The New Yorker both published articles about the mighty filmprodusenten, where it came to speech about sexual abuse.

eventually there were more known female skodespelarar who stood up with stories about how Weinstein should be seizing them. Among the women who stood up was Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek and Uma Thurman.

Uma Thurman has played in seven films produced by Harvey Weinstein. She fryda over the fall of the former mighty filmprodusenten.

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In all, over 90 women came with the speech against Weinstein.

Before the trial came up, did Weinstein and the film company, his agreement to pay out 227 million to several of the women who had him for seksualbrotsverk.

Metoo and Time’s Up

the Cases also led to a greater attention around sexual assault and uønskt sexual attention, and a settlement with this.

the Initiative as metoo and time’s up put the spotlight on sexual harassment in the underhaldningsindustrien. Under the Barren Globe-utdelinga in 2018 dressed skodespelarane in black in protest.

It has in recent years also been several demonstrasjonar and selections several places in the world to support women’s rights.

After every spread this revolt also from the culture and underhaldningsfeltet to other fields in society. Both within the realm of politics and in more bransjar in the business world, it has been a similar settlement in recent years.