What should be exciting when a TV Star such as Nik Hartmann (47) with a group of young people in Switzerland discovered? Next Friday we will know it: Six Swiss German in the age between 19 and 30 years of chugging in the new “SRF bi de Lüt”series “travel mitohne obstacle” in the ship through a lake, washing Gold in the Rhine or riding like Cowboys on horses.

The kicker: they are disabled – allegedly. They all live with down syndrome.

One of them is Damian (28), actors of the theater Hora. He articulated elected, he is also an artist. He carves a small Holzkuh in Brienz BE. Suddenly, he starts to cry violently. He remembers his late uncle who had also carved always cows. Hartmann puts his Arm around him, comforts him.

And here it becomes clear: This mission is incredibly exciting.

He was early in the planning of the series involved, explains Nik Hartmann the Sunday views. “We researched different formats in Europe. Finally, we found a personal way to make this trip three shipments.” This is also a vivid Soundtrack with Hits by Stephan Eicher about Züri West until Stiller Has heard.

tour guide, friend and big brother,

That Hartmann for the presentation was particularly obvious. He is the father of a ten-year-old child with a cerebral disability. “As a father of Melchior, it was for me shooting is not a big difference to my everyday life at home,” says the Moderator has not felt because of his personal experience, for once, just as a Moderator. “I was, rather, a guide, a friend and big brother.”

The special feature of this series is: While in former Endemol formats such as “Üsi Badi”, it was shown how people with down syndrome are enriching for our society, can be motivated to do by passion, a work, there is no premise. In this programme, you may be easy.

He didn’t want to show how normal it is, that there are people with disabilities. “You can’t be less than we are,” says Hartmann, the positive message of the show. “These young people just do it in a different way, and you will need sometimes support.”

The participants often needed help. “Was it the Pack, or Shave, on the buffet or Console. There was homesickness, heartache, lost items, disputes. And until the whole troop was in bed, it was after 22 o’clock”, the TV-favorite. “It’s the most intense days of shooting were all my TV time.”

dressing down to the TV-Team

Prior to the rotation start Hartmann had kept the TV-Team a dressing down. “I asked everyone to limit their personal needs in the twelve days to a Minimum. And I challenged all the more to help, even when the cameras rolled. We were a big family.”

but Why’s the son of Melchior is hard not to have been? He was not only too young, explains Nik Hartmann. “Melchior has other needs, as in a VW van to travel in Bus through Switzerland.” Without that, you would have to run it more precisely: It is clear that Melchior would not have met the requirements of this Format. “We communicate together with much closeness and fine feelings. Verbally, we can agree but not with Melchior,” says the TV Star. “And yet we understand each other.”

If Melchior didn’t fit something, let him feel it. “Meanwhile, he slips on the pants on the floor in the whole house. So he can move on a floor to continue. He loves music more than anything, and if he is tired, we highlight its 35 pounds in the bed.” You feel as parents of such children met to go through life, they accompany – and far beyond. “Strength training in the Gym, we need none,” said Hartmann with a joke that makes you think.

SRF shows in this series once more that life is worth the lives of people with down syndrome. It is clear that These people own, especially for television, because they often appear so lovable and affectionate. Perhaps also the time in which the others will be shown at some time. Those that slip on to the pants on the floor around the house. And also not interfere can.