1. April, it is ready: the Duchess Meghan (38) and Prince Harry (35) give your tasks as senior members of the British Royal family. Queen Elizabeth II (93) has already announced that the Megxit doesn’t have to be forever. Because in a year you want to speak with the two again on the conditions of the withdrawal.

If Harry and Meghan are so to return in the coming year? Nobility expert Anika helmet from the Royal Portal, “noble world” doesn’t believe in it. In an interview with the VIEW you told: “The Chance to make a Comeback is low. Prince Harry has already made it before his wedding with Meghan it clear that he would like to turn to the Royal family prefer the back.”

“He is at the goal of his dreams”

His wife is probably one of the reasons why a return to Royal duties seems unlikely. “Now he is finally at the destination of his dreams and has a partner who supports him unconditionally,” said the Royal expert.

The new sense of freedom will have Prince Harry as soon not take. “It would have to pass a major disaster, so that he and the Duchess Meghan to resume her duties again.”

New photos of Archie, probably,

From the Megxit someone else is affected, but the initial ten-month-old Archie. By their retreat the two wanted to give her son a life without the pressure of the Public. You will show the Small, never more?

nobility, expert, Anika helmet explained: “I think, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are going to show Archie every now and again on Instagram.” So you have handled it in the past few months. This brings a clear advantage: “they determine which photos are published.”