These comments are made as Americans already see prices for common goods rise due to inflation at a four-decade high

Kamala Harris Vice President warned Americans that they could be subject to a Russian Invasion of Ukraine. This is bad news for many people who already have to deal with the rising inflation.

Harris stated Sunday that America stands for principles and all the things we hold dear. This was after a meeting with NATO leaders from Germany.

Harris stated that some of the American costs could be related to energy, with Russia being the largest oil producer in the world.

According to the consumer price index, Americans have already witnessed prices rise for common goods due to an four-decade-high in inflation. These price increases are spread to almost all common goods including food, shelter, medical care, transport, and clothing.

Harris emphasized the need to fight Russia’s invasion plans and stated that there was “the real potential of war” in Europe, something not seen since World War II.

“We are talking about the possibility of war in Europe. Harris stated that we need to take a moment and understand the significance of what Harris is referring to.

She said, “It’s been more than 70 years, and through those 70 year… there have been peace and security.” “We are referring to the possibility of war in Europe.

Since weeks, the administration has warned of a Russian invasion in Ukraine. CBS reported Sunday that U.S. intelligence officers said that Russian commanders have been given orders to invade.

The White House is not yet denying the possibility of a diplomatic resolution to the standoff. Biden plans to meet with Group of Seven leaders Thursday to discuss Ukraine’s situation. Also, a scheduled meeting between Secretary of States Antony Blinken (Russia) and Sergey Lavrov is in the planning for this week