it was Already the announcement of a small Sensation: The traditional motorcycle manufacturer Harley rich Davidson builds with the LiveWire a Elektrotöff. Instead of the characteristic V2-sound of Milwaukee (USA), it offers since last autumn, spacey, Jet-Sound, and is now even a world record machine.

So he drove to the record

The Swiss began his record-breaking journey from Zürich to Stuttgart (D) and invited for the first time shortly before the interim target. Our guess: In Herrenberg (D), because to Stuttgart is 200 km, and the LiveWire creates loud Harley 158 kilometers per battery charge. Then the Swiss six-Times drove on the A81 Stuttgart–Singen and via Austria to Lichtenstein, where he stopped 23 hours and 48 minutes later with 1723 miles. Record!

However, of Tell eight times on the fast charger had to: Pro stage, he made an average of 191 kilometers.

No Guinness entry

So why am I here of Tell, the previous record from the year 2018 to 406 km. According to the Harley six witnesses accompanied the record-breaking ride. The journey, however, for formal reasons, is not likely to get into the Guinness book of world records … .