If it is very hard, if citizens see no Land, when no one knows how it goes and then one thing counts above all: trust. Children can not play with other children. Grandchildren are separated from their grandparents. Many owners of small companies fear for their existence. Large companies can not predict how the future will look like.

politicians in this time, especially a task: you need to radiate the confidence that you are packaging the crisis, and you need to feed that good feeling through energetic actions.

that is Precisely the key figures in the Grand coalition so far, excellent.

All of the latest developments for Coronavirus, you can find here.

Merkel: “Mutti” and Manager in the personnel Union

Angela Merkel, the woman – rightly – always pretty stupid found, that some have called her “mom”, has accepted the double role in the crisis: it is for the first Manager and mom is in a personal Union. In addition to the enormous workload she always takes the time, to the citizens of courage award. The election campaign slogan of 2017 – “you know me” – now appears more appropriate than ever. You know this woman, her withdrawn nature, her calm tone. That alone creates a feeling of safety in a Phase in which there are few certainties, and almost everything moved.

This Grand coalition has dug in at a record pace of 1.4 Billion euros in direct aid, credit, guarantees free. Now is not the time of hesitation, but the decisive action. Only Helps “a lot” really a lot? Yes, because the enemy that must be fought, is the fear. And the top hand wins, it needs the very large response of the state.

Who is red, who is black? No matter!

Merkel is active in Berlin, in Tandem with the Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), who fills his role as the guardian of the billions with a great peace and sovereignty. The Minister of Finance shall represent the Chancellor in the Bundestag and in the Cabinet. Time, he presents together with the economy Minister, Peter Altmaier, or the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (both CDU), with the Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD). Or Scholz to travel to the Prime Minister, Markus Söder (CSU) in Bavaria. The messages for the photo and for the archive: They work together, this Grand coalition is together. Who is red and who is black, is just totally unimportant. Kay Nietfeld/dpa, Peter Altmaier (left) and Jens Spahn (right) at a Cabinet meeting in February 2019

When “Team” is not just a word

If the policy of the “Team” is used, is usually the time, noisy. Because the stage on which it goes always to careers, is not just a haven of well-tended team game.

It was just a shortcoming of this Large coalition, that they had in the past two years, often as a collection of political groups, the wish for a separation, badly and nothing else would do than to do their own thing. Your CDU-thing, her CSU-thing, your SPD thing.

In these days, but the three parties not only work together, but also in the same direction. This is exactly why the rigid restrictions of freedom that are expected of the citizens just to be accepted, even by the most. You don’t even want to imagine how Germany would look now, if it would be in this situation, even the coalition bickering.

Many of the strong actors in the crisis

And with the requirement of the SPD’s Chairman, Saskia esque to a special tax for Wealthy? Thus, the decision-makers of the Grand coalition, that is what you have already done it with some of their forays: first of all, by noise.

There are these days many strong players who have to prove themselves with deeds. Also in the ranks of Prime-Ministers and Prime Minister. Whether on the Rhine, on the Saar, or the river Elbe.

Söder and Merkel Duo

Markus Söder but stands out. He is the one, the figure distinguishes itself in these dramatic days, as a second large Bowl, in addition to Merkel powerful: extremely decisive, very seriously, clearly sorted. And so many of our citizens have gained in recent weeks, a completely new look to him. Söder is – together with Merkel at the top of the popularity scale.

How Söder says it self? “In such a Situation, a lot of questions for a strong state.” The course as in a family: “the crisis will often ask to see the father.” If the image shines through, that he himself forms with Merkel just something like a parental mayors, is not likely to be dangerous to the 53-Year-old. Merkel, the strong woman, Söder is the strong man of this crisis. Bernd from Jutrczenka/dpa, Markus Söder (CSU) sits next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Peter Tschentscher (SPD)

Who makes the questions discussed, have lost

no one knows how Germany and the rest of the world will look like when these dramatic Phase of the pandemic over. We will hold later critical look back and very carefully look at which politician has proven itself in this unprecedented test of endurance at the best. Likely scenarios, from today’s point of view: The discussion of whether Scholz is the appropriate candidate for Chancellor for the SPD, it is driving record. The desire to make Söder to the Chancellor candidate of the Union, will continue to grow.

At the same time, however, is: Who should the car always makes issues just now, in the sharpest crisis in decades, to put in the foreground, is a crashing failure.

The fight against the crisis requires the full concentration. Now is not the time of the power play. And it looks that way, as the decision makers are now fully aware of. Active responsibility – exactly the way she looks. 9-year-old Isabelle belongs to the risk group – mother has an important message to all of us PCP 9-year-old Isabelle belongs to the risk group – mother has an important message to us all