By and large the authorities, who closed for the duration of the pandemic hairdressing and beauty salons, right: long hair no one has died.

But will agree that modern man, especially women, no hairstyle and other makeup well, does not.

Shows whether our hairdresser ever will they represent a completely different world?

“MK” interviewed the owner of one of the salons (hairdressing, manicure, beautician in “one bottle”) and learned that they are shocked by the new requirements to their work.

in short, their way in the darkness. At least for the reason that the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, the opening of this scope of services assumes the presence of a medical license and respect in working with clients on social distance. How to cut, pluck your eyebrows or paint your nails at a distance of 1.5-2 meters no one (except, perhaps, of the CPS) do not know.

the Presence of a medical certificate – still the same headache. In any case, the salons that have acquired this document and not opened in the period of self-isolation. And all because of these requirements more in line with medical centers.

for Example, the building where salons had to meet the norms SanPiN, which are shown to clinics. It is clear that the building, its engineering infrastructure can not be undone. Next: the institutions must not have extra items, pleasing to the eye: for example, televisions, fashion magazines, decor. But if there’s going to be lost something from the furniture, it must be with Matt and lacquered surface.

But beauty implies comfort for customers, and according to the requirements of the CPS we have to become some soldier’s barracks!- says salon owner Sergey.

His “point” is located on the outskirts of Moscow, and even under the current draconian measures to ensure security of health has all the chances to preserve and continue the work. Though, because there’s no big common room, where “conjure” in the wizard. And where with a tape measure in hand would have to measure the distance between the seats, push them while maintaining social distance. In the salon several cosy small rooms, where nobody is hurt.

But, as you can see, here too there are fears for the future.

According to the source, from the point of view of observance of sanitary rules in his “farm”, little will change. Have long been masters work in masks and gloves, and in professional robes. The room is regularly disinfected and ventilated.

“However, for the protection of personnel, we are now required to conduct due diligence on the incidence. That is, put a primary diagnosis. For us it is new. Complete nonsense. Thermal imaging to measure the temperature at the entrance, we will buy. But how to determine sick or not?”

With all of these nevypolnima not��note: other requirements, in beauty salons, there are some concerns. It is expected that the demand for their services will fall to 2-3. “People mentally have changed a lot, now just think about how to prevent coronavirus. If earlier the girl went to some party, now 7 times I think – and suddenly catch? If before she came to us just to be beautiful, now also reflect. It will not have the income, there will be nothing to pay salaries, the rent, communal… We will go in minus and just broke.”

For this reason, expect the cost of services in hairdressing and beauty salons will increase significantly, according to the owner, absolutely in vain.

During the period of quarantine, the people much poorer, they account for every penny. And to raise the price for a haircut or manicure your nails in this situation is just suicide.

In General, barbers, like us, are waiting for June 1, when roughly should open a hairdressing and beauty salons. And they expect, when restrictions will be removed completely and can normally work.


the fact that long hair, in contrast to coronaviruses, is not dead, confirms international experience. Thus, a citizen of Vietnam, not cuts your hair 70 years, during which time they have grown to 4 meters and weigh more than 2 kg. After washing the hair he had for a long time to dry your hair, and the head of the Vietnamese after the procedure started to hurt. 30 years ago he ceased to wash my hair. With all this, the Vietnamese has good health, the only thing that prevents him to be truly happy – 2 kg per head does not allow long time working in the garden.

In the Guinness Book of records, there are more colorful characters, grow yourself, not as a result of the quarantine, pandemic, and for various other reasons, thick hair with a length of 5.5 meters, 6.8 meters… But first place is resident of India Mavjibhai Rata that in 50 years of neglect of the Barber grew my hair long… 15 meters. Once he even saved a boy who was drowning in the pond. While friends of the boys was looking for a rope to throw it in the water, the old man threw a drowning man his pigtail and pulled safely on shore.