If the wallet is gone and the payment cards are blocked, it is difficult to get cash. However, some banks offer a special service – emergency cash. You can find out how to get there here.

If you are robbed or lose your wallet, you look stupid at first. You then have neither cash nor Girocard or credit card to hand. The important thing now is to block the payment cards. The blocking app on the smartphone, which is issued by the operators of the blocking number 116 116, can be practical for this.

In the event of theft, you should also report it.

If you have averted further damage, the situation is still not much better. After all, now you can neither pay by card nor do you have cash on hand. Of course, you can borrow money from friends or family, or you can use the cash you have at home. But that can be difficult, especially on vacation. Some banks and card providers therefore offer emergency cash.

Emergency cash is a service that some banks and card issuers offer their customers. It is tied to either the cards or the checking account. If you want to find out if such an emergency cash service exists for your account, you should check the bank’s website or call the hotline. Some examples:

Speaking of payouts: After contacting the bank, you will receive the necessary instructions on where and how to get the money. The withdrawal of money is not necessarily tied to a bank branch. Depending on the country of travel, it may also be the case that a courier brings the money to your hotel or that you receive the payment in shops or other local contractual partners. However, an ID card is usually required for collection. If that is also gone, you must first obtain a replacement document.

What the cash reserve is at home, you can also have on vacation. Don’t carry all your cash and cards with you, but deposit some in the hotel safe. If you lose your wallet, you are not broke, but can fall back on the options stored.

Another option is to have family or friends send you money back home. Western Union is probably the best-known provider here, but PayPal also has a service with Xoom that you can use to withdraw cash abroad.