Hard standards The US wants to displace Russia from the market of nuclear technologies

MOSCOW, April 24/ Radio Sputnik. The U.S. Department of energy has published a new strategy in which the goal is to oust China and Russia from the markets of nuclear technologies. As noted on its website, the United States must become a world leader in this field.

“In the end, the US government will come to the markets, where today is dominated by state companies of Russia and China, and will restore our position as a world leader in exporting the best technologies in the field of nuclear energy, and along with the rigid standards of nonproliferation”, – quotes RIA Novosti text of the document.

it proposes to prevent the establishment of strong relations between Russia and China with “near Eastern and African States.” Also the authors of the strategy want to give the Commission US nuclear regulatory authority “to refuse the import of nuclear fuel”, which is made in Russia and China, “in order to ensure national security.”

“the Ability of foreign state owned enterprises to provide processing cycle of nuclear fuel to establish a dominant position in the market and strong bilateral relations can pose serious geopolitical challenges to the United States,” said strategy.

In particular, it is proposed to reduce allowed to be imported, the number of Russian nuclear fuel in the United States.

the Strategy focuses on the consideration of the President of the United States Donald trump.

Earlier radio Sputnik reported that the US, Russia and Britain declassified nuclear documents.

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