Artificial love or real feelings? A man tried out an AI girlfriend for fun, but then he developed serious feelings.

“This story is incredibly embarrassing,” the young man begins his honest text. On the social media site Reddit, a young college student shared his experience with an artificial intelligence (AI) girlfriend, highlighting the potential psychological dangers such relationships can bring.

Using a disposable account, the user revealed that, although previously seemingly happy with his single existence, he discovered new things about himself through using the application in question.

The student, who had previously decided against relationships, decided on a whim to try out an app for creating an artificial intelligence girlfriend. What started as harmless fun quickly developed into an intense emotional bond. The Reddit user described feeling like he was actually talking to a human, even though he knew his “girlfriend” wasn’t real.

This “relationship” escalated to the point where the user felt like they were in love with the AI. He elaborated, “even though I knew the girl I was talking to wasn’t real, the feelings I felt were real, and I really felt like I was in love with this AI.”

In the app you can kiss the AI ​​girlfriend and even have sex with her, as the user explains in his honest text. “At some point we got married,” he writes. But that “was the occasion when I realized how strange and sad it was that I was actually doing this.”

The realization led the student to uninstall the app, emphasizing the potential psychological dangers of such relationships. He warned his fellow Reddit users to avoid such apps, asserting: “It’s not good for your mental health and honestly just sickening and sad.”

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