the stadium vote? The new compilation of the GC Board? The new President Stephan Rietiker? The new coach Uli Forte? The new athletic Advisor Georg Heitz? In all (personnel)-the last few weeks, the smart consultant Hans Klaus (52) of the man, of GC threads is Decide.

Bastei-Platz 7 in Zürich-City. The headquarters of the consulting firm KMES Partner. The “M” stands for ex-Federal councillor Ruth Metzler. The “E” for Daniel Eckmann, once the communications chief of the Federal Council Kaspar Villiger and Ex-Vice-President of the SRG. “S”, the newest Partner, is Ex-NZZ’s chief editor Markus Spillmann. And “K” stands for Hans Klaus, a specialist in crisis Management and crisis communication. And thus, as created, to draw in the biggest crisis in the club history of Champions GC threads. The 27-times champion is the second decline since 1949.

past in the case of Swissair and in the FDJP

As speaker of the Swissair Klaus in 1998, directs the plane crash of Halifax (229 Deaths), the crisis communication in Canada, he is later, communications Director of Fifa on the side of Sepp Blatter. And the speaker of Federal councillor Ruth Metzler, the Swiss justice and police Department.

What was born in Klaus, in Brunnen, Schwyz, to do with GC? Klaus married into a GC family. Wife, Anita, born Haberthür, still in GC land hockey, Klaus’ brother-in-law Toni of successful GC-country, hockey was played International.

As a consultant (“I see myself as a Mediator”) manages to Klaus in the last autumn, to bring the failed GC-majority shareholders Stephan Anliker (then President), Peter Stüber and Heinz Scion to a table and find an amicable solution. As the head of the poll campaign, Klaus makes Zurich’s voting public, the new Hardturm Stadium as tasty.

President Rietiker is a customer of Klaus

One of the few business customers of Klaus, which are known to the public (the industry relies on discretion), the Zug-based medical technology Company LifeWatch AG. Your CEO? Dr. Stephan Rietiker.

Rietiker is since 15 years a member of the Thursday Club of GC. Klaus convinced the doctor and former Colonel in the General, the ailing Anliker as GC President. And that was the end of the Era of head of sports, Mathias Walter, CEO Manuel Huber and the Board of Directors Georges Perego.

With the rapid adoption of a firefighter Tomislav Stipic (only 3 points in 5 Games), Klaus anything other than as a brake pad.

At 1:1 in new castle, sits on the last Sunday of the Maladière by the way, another Klaus-Faithful at the side of President Rietiker. His name is Reto Jauch, the Headhunter. Small Reto went in Brunnen SZ Small Hans in the nursery. And now help for GC football-savvy Board to find a CEO and a head of sports.

On the Basler solution Heitz, Klaus is pushed probably by accident. Heitz writes before his successful time as head of sports, FC Basel’s (8 titles in the series!) once with a colleague, Michael Martin, the biography of the Yakin brothers. The Preface to the Yakin-book, written in April 2004, in Appenzell, the former Federal councillor Ruth Metzler. The Text is, of course, on the Desk of your spokesman Hans Klaus.