tonight, it is seriously for Hanna Scheuring (53): “Fascht e Familie” as Vreni known actress appears in the first episode of the SRF broadcast “May I ask?” on the dance floor. Since December, the mother of two to three trains – up to four times a week for their Grand entrance. “It took courage for this Format to appeal to,” says scheuring. “But I don’t regret it for a second.”

In the dance lessons, they went to their limits. “I’ve learned not to underestimate. At first, I thought many of the movements that I will learn never. Now I can use the Lifts even!” You also owe your Coach Beat Künzi (38), with which you will be understood perfectly. “It is close to extremely. So I can’t imagine training with someone I don’t like her,” she says.

Scheuring’s not dancing with your loved one

For the second pass Scheuring has engaged your fellow actor Peter Zgraggen (39) as a dance partner. Can’t dance to her lover, Daniel pipe (59), for example? “But, but,” says Scheuring, “he has great potential. But through our work, we could have not more than exercising at night.” Tube is the Director of the Zürcher theater Rigiblick, Hanna Scheuring directs the Bernhard-Theater. For the past six years, the two are a Couple, both have from a previous marriage, two children. Together, they live both in the city of Zurich, as well as in the Zurich Oberland.

“We have found each other relatively late. But it fits. He’s my counterpart,” says Scheuring. You share the passion for nature, sports, music, and theatre. They both work in similar positions, was not a Problem. On the contrary: “It is fruitful. If I have a question, can he help me. And Vice-versa.”

you are not thinking of getting Married

in Spite of the harmony of a wedding is not an issue: “We have both a marriage behind us. A marriage we need for our connection.”

If today, starting at 20.10 PM on SRF 1, Hanna Scheuring trembles ums for the next round, sitting her Partner Daniel pipe in the audience. Scheuring: “He is not my partner to dance, and we twirl in private with the maximum number of points through life!”