yesterday, Monday, the deadline for Appeal at the regional court ended in Verden in the lawsuit with the file no. 1 O 9/19. It is the trouble between Handball-Bundesliga TSV Hannover-Burgdorf and the construction of a Multi-Günter Papenburg (80), the owner of Hanover’s largest hall, which will be called from tomorrow, ZAG-Arena (PICTURE reported). The handball players have waived their right to appeal.

Hanover scare to go to Papenburg!

“We want to join forces,” said warriors managing Director Eike Corsicans (36). “And not the money in dispute before the court invest in, but in a shared and successful future.”

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sent out In January of 2017 had tied the TSV Hannover-Burgdorf to 2022 in Papenburg and its Arena, the Handball around 10 000 fans,. “We strive for a reliable partnership”, explains Corsicans. “Right now, in the Corona-Virus massively difficult times values.”

is Clear: Hanover in the Bundesliga, the club sees his future clearly in the multi-function hall on the former Expo site. Corsicans: “We propose to extend a new lease for an indefinite period of time. We believe in the success, if both sides join forces, and the very good prospects to see.“