The monstrous charges: accessory to murder in more than 5000 cases.

A request of counsel, the proceedings for the Corona-crisis to suspend, had been rejected by the criminal chamber at the beginning of last week, a court spokesman said. A complaint against the court of appeal rejected as inadmissible.

The accused was brought on Tuesday by paramedics to the courthouse. He wore how to be the defender of a Mouth guard, and rubber gloves. After about a quarter of an hour, the 93-Year-old said, according to the speaker, he could not breathe through the mask well.

SS process in Hamburg: defendant’s mouth may decrease protection

The presiding judge Anne Meier-Göring ordered after consultation with a doctor, that the defendant should take the mask off. The judges like all of the others present used now in the hall of a Mouth guard.

The court will take the crime scene in Gdansk in today’s Poland in the eye. The trial chamber rejected a request made by the co-plaintiff representatives on Tuesday, said a court spokesman.

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The applicant had argued, the court should give an impression of what could be noticed by the SS – guards at the time of the gas chamber, the crematorium, the gallows and the inhumane conditions. talk

the trial against former SS man in Hamburg

The trial chamber explained, however, the camp is now a memorial, and whose elements are partially reconstructed. Large parts of the former camp grounds were überwaldet. A rough impression would be helpful. In addition, the defendant did not have the gas chamber and the crematorium in the agreement, and testified that he had observed an execution.

The 93-year-old defendant is accused of accessory to murder in 5230 cases. Due to his guard duty in the concentration camp near Danzig, from August 1944 to April 1945, he is said to have “the insidious and cruel killing, in particular, Jewish prisoners” supports.

The process is on 23. April will be continued.

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