While the accident by the transport squadron of the South, it came to the full closure of the Wandsbeker Chaussee.

the crew of The radio patrol car Peter 2/1 had to brake your vehicle in the Wandsbeker Chaussee abruptly to prevent an accident, there’s a VW Golf from the Park strip, drove to the road. While the officials then drove further into the city, and remained there for the VW Golf, first on the Wandsbeker Chaussee and turned then suddenly the solid line in the direction of the city away. As the police officers then decided to check the vehicle, fled the VW Golf with a high rate of speed in side streets and then in the street of the knights, where the driver lost at the Turn in the Wandsbeker Chaussee control of the vehicle and with a city-driving Toyota Yaris collided. Both the 23-year-old VW Golf driver as well as the 30-year-old Toyota driver had to be brought in with severe injuries are admitted to hospitals. According to present knowledge stock involved no risk to life at the accident. On both vehicles, the high damage was done. The Wandsbeker Chaussee had to be about two hours locked.

witnesses told the police officers that the driver of the VW Golf have thrown a small bag out of the window. This is the reason why a service was not used a dog to search the vehicle and the environment, the scene of the accident. Drugs could not be found.

The 23-Year-old was arranged in a blood sample.

The final investigation of the traffic accident service East leads.


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