The suspects in the remand prison were fed.

The 36-Year-old noticed the men, who came from a gazebo in a small garden club in the Foorthkamp and alerted the police, because he suspected a Crime. Three crews of a radio patrol car of the police NKVD 34 could take the 26, 31, and 39-year-old men on a provisional basis. The suspects foliage contributed aufbrecher alleged stolen property at. As further investigation revealed, it is likely to be, but has been stolen from a Vehicle departure. So far, the unknown offender had stolen from the Ford Fiesta, among other things, a Laptop. Whether from the porch, something was stolen, could not be found.

officials of the crime duration of service (LKA 26) led to the three accused, a judge. The final investigation will now be taken over by the LKA 142.


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