The Corona-crisis could soon also delay the construction work on the Hamburg motorways. Currently, all of the measures were still in force, as planned, said the spokesman of the motorway GmbH Nord, Christian Merl. However, the construction companies were afraid of their work forces. Questionable is also whether Polish work crews continue to cross the border and Hamburg could be accommodated. Due to the closure of Hotels one has to consider, living container set up.

it is Built on the A24, the A255 to the South of the Elbe bridges, on the A7 South of the Elbe tunnel and on the preparations for the A26. Due to construction and maintenance work on the noise protection Stellingen and Schnelsen tunnels, the A7 will be locked in for the three nights, from Tuesday evening to Friday morning is full.

The directives of the authorities would have to complied with and that construction workers are not likely to be due to infection with the novel Virus at risk, said Merl. Added to this is the legal uncertainty about whether more than two construction workers are expected to work together. The use of machines, a sufficient distance is not a Problem. But the patch work in the border areas of the highways would have to be moved.

“We want to lead all the construction work, as announced,” said Merl. “But we also know that the employees of our contractor can be just as much affected as any other citizen.” The situation on the construction sites had to be evaluated therefore on a daily basis.