“In the field of Oncology in the past week about 20 patients and 20 employees of different occupational groups Covid-19-positive had been tested,” said UKE spokeswoman Saskia Lemm on Tuesday evening on request. The competent authorities had been informed. “Some of these patients are appropriately cared for in the UKE, the others have been made redundant in the family life.” After the first infection, all patients of the Oncology wards at Covid-19 had been tested. Infected were immediately on special Covid-19-stations outside the centre for Oncology and there, isolated housed moved. Employees of the affected stations had been subjected to an extensive Screening. “Individual staff from different professional were tested in groups positively and are currently in home isolation,” said Lemm.

The exact way of the infection is being worked on, but could not be attributed to a single Person, – said Lemm. According to a report in the “mirror”, which has first reported about the case, go back the infections on an infected cleaning power, at the beginning of last week, the clinic staff noticed due to their poor health status.