In the Eastern German chemistry prevails according to the Association, a very large uncertainty about the effects of the Corona-crisis. “The production runs for most companies, a better, the other worse,” said Nora Schmidt-Kesseler, Executive managing Director of the regional Association North-East in the German Chemical industry Association (VCI), the German press Agency. Many companies in the industry in East Germany, ready to be on restrictions in production and employment. “For April, we expect a rise in short-time work, it is probably around 10 to 15 per cent of the workforce will be affected,” said Schmidt-Kesseler.

The declining demand and the supply of sufficient raw materials, the largest head prepare of the industry in Eastern Germany to break. In countries such as China or India, in which many basic chemicals are produced, whether it come to production losses and supply difficulties. In addition, industry and the export business are the details according to the demand from the domestic automotive decline. Half of the companies makes good business abroad. No other industry in East Germany is export-intensive, said Schmidt-Kesseler.

in the light of the Corona-crisis, VCI has called according to Schmidt-Kesseler as a platform for the production of disinfectants and protective equipment on short notice to extend. The aim is especially to equip hospitals, nursing facilities, doctor’s offices, and the population with sufficient disinfectants and protective clothing. “Many companies have switched their production or expanded,” she said. “The need is huge,” said Schmidt-Kesseler.

This demand to help the companies temporarily. “No one can tell us how long the crisis will last and what consequences will it have for the existence of enterprises and employment,” she said. “The biggest fear is that a case of illness appears in the company and the production needs to be shut down,” she said. The company had rules for the industry due to the production processes applicable to high security “extremely aggravated”. It is also a fever will be measured.

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Germany after the automotive industry and the mechanical engineering sector, the third-largest industry. In Eastern Germany, it is the fourth largest industry and is one of according to the Association of the largest employers. Chemical Park in Bitterfeld-Wolfen and Leuna, with further production sites in Böhlen (Saxony) from Dow Chemical (Midland, Michigan) and from BASF (Ludwigshafen, Germany) in Schwarzheide (Brandenburg) characterize the structure. The industry has many SMEs.

After the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Germany had achieved in 2018, a record turnover of 203 billion euros, and have declined since then, the business. Nationwide, the industry has 465 000 Employees in East Germany, 57 000 employees – annual sales of least, 26 billion Euro (2018).