Slightly more than half of Russian sites is under threat of capture due to increased hacker attacks on the resources working on the free WordPress. According to “Kommersant” with reference to “Kaspersky Lab”, the number of cyber attacks since the beginning of the year 2020 increased twice.

WordPress — content management system website that is distributed as free software, it works 51% of sites in zone ru. Gaining control of resource, the criminals can place malware, to carry out DDoS or phishing attack.

According to experts, “Kaspersky”, this year, about 730 million users of Russian sites under WordPress have encountered malicious software. Attacks hackers use a set of known vulnerabilities and exploits. In some cases, the attackers retain the flexibility to manage the site.

Director of the center for monitoring and responding to cyber threats Solar JSOC “Rostelecom” Vladimir Dryukov said that phishing emails in this case are dangerous because they contain a link to a legitimate web online, but seized by hackers, so the protection will not warn of the danger.

In 2018 the security researchers from the Defiant company found the malware BabaYaga, is designed to hijack websites with WordPress. According to experts, for the development of a standing Russian-speaking hackers.