Haftar took control of 80% of the territory of Libya

What happens in resteranno war Libyan Benghazi? And what will happen to Libya next?

for nearly 10 years, as Libya is in ruins. Attempts by Western breeders to promote democracy failed In the Arab world it always ends up with a protracted civil war.

Benghazi, the second largest city in Libya. It was here in the 2011 revolt against Gaddafi. The dictator was overthrown, but the city for several years was in the hands of ISIS. Until they were forced out of Benghazi was in ruins and empty.

“We didn’t know we had a group of fighters, they lived here all the time. And then came the commanders of ISIS (banned in Russia), and gave them weapons, and then the war started,” recalls one local resident.

for some reason the first thing the Islamists looted and burned the local mosque Arches. It is now almost restored.

Irina Abdullah Jaber — the widow of a cadet of the military school of the Soviet pilots had spent all those years side by side with ISIS. With four children and four grandchildren. She doesn’t know how to survive. “For several years we sat under that suffocation, it was a nightmare. Shot, blasted to pieces all the meat grinder. Cut the head, dismembered,” — says the woman.

Now life is getting better. However, the bitter bread of war has decreased in size and fairly expensive.

the Old center of Benghazi seems to be almost extinct. But the life in the port. In the mornings the fishermen carry on the market their catch. The surviving fish market with an incredible range of seafood — as the echo of even the rich pre-war life. Buyers almost there. Prices, like sharks near the ceiling, that’s going to bite.

Enemies in Tripoli. Of the European countries, along with Turkey supports the government Saraga. Advanced troops of the Caliph Haftarot were already on the outskirts of the capital, and supporters of Marshal in Benghazi fear that the announced Russian-brokered truce may weaken the national army.

Erdogan has already sent to help in the Libyan capital of three thousand military personnel and armored vehicles. Combat vehicles already on the roads of Libya.

rallies for evidence of military intervention of Ankara Turkish drive armored cars captured in the capture of Sirte, and the people from the heart pounding boots on the armor.

For the Libyan national army captured two armored cars “Kearney” — a real gift. Turkish “hedgehogs”, as translated name of the vehicles made at the plant in Izmir two years ago. They even seat in the film. Inside — conditioning and surveillance monitors. On the roof is a machine gun with remote control.

However, in Benghazi, we believe that the government Saraga no one and nothing to save. 80% of Libyan territory controlled by the army of the Haftarot. It is time to think how to live further and to raise the country from ruins. Well, that fresh water in Libya, no problem. The deposed dictator has you covered.

a Huge reservoir — the largest part of the water supply system in the world. Gaddafi called it the eighth wonder of the world. An underground pipeline supplies all of Libya purest drinking water. For the laying of a giant concrete pipes with a diameter of 4 meters took almost 20 years and $ 12 billion. Great man-made river stretches more than 4 thousand kilometers under the Libyan Sands. A Grand structure!

Under the Libyan desert, in the Nubian strata at a depth of 500 meters, kept almost half the world’s reserves of fresh water. To produce it and to deliver to the people, is meant to make the country independent from the export of water and expensive desalination systems. Libya was supposed to turn into one big oasis. Western leaders called the idea of Gaddafi’s insane and the IMF refused to Finance. To build had his own proceeds from the sale of oil.

“This project is one of the largest in the world. More such projects for the supply of water in the world, it is unique. A day through tubes are more than six million cubic meters water. There is no one who could create such a system. For Libya, these wells — the main source of drinking water. The problem of labour shortages solved,” — said the chief engineer of the company “man-made river” Abdullah Nasser.

Desert water supply by the mid-2000s, reached all the major cities. Along the underground river there were fields of wheat. The country gradually abandoned the procurement of food abroad. And then the revolution broke out and construction stopped. NATO aircraft supporting the rebels, among the main goals somehow noted and the system of water supply.

“During the war in 2011, NATO aircraft struck at the plant in Brega, where they made a large pipe, and bombed installations for purification of water they suffered greatly,” — said al Hassan, the engineer of the company “man-made river”.

Then the great man-made river was trying to capture and blow up the ISIS. But the intakes are always restored first. Now an underground channel in the hands of the Eastern government. Some hotheads offered to act as Ukraine, Crimea, to cut off Tripoli from the supply of fresh water. The Libyans said that they are a civilized nation, not savages.

the Guest house of Muammar Gaddafi in Benghazi. Built in the Berber tent with him, the Libyan leader traveled around the world. Same — concrete — tent was in Tripoli. But it blew up, and it just burned.

the City walls painted with caricatures of Gaddafi. Don’t like it here, despite the running water. Although in recent years among young people there are many of his supporters.

War, anarchy and ruin. The youth, whose childhood was spent under Gaddafi, says that time, as the most happy: “they All want Gaddafi. Now the nostalgia for peace. Tired of the war. He was right.”

Irina’s Husband Jabr, Gaddafi twice managed to stay in prison: three years for the sake of a wedding had deserted from the army, and three others for refusing to cooperate with special services.

After his death, Irina is unable to go anywhere. No nationality: Libyan she never gave Russian as a resident of the Kyrgyz SSR she shouldn’t have. But Kyrgyzstan because of some lost documents, too, in the passport no. Perhaps the Marshal’s Haftarah take the capital, she will have to become a citizen is already a new, peaceful Libya.

And the war will end soon, says Abdullah all from the Old town, and shows the nest of a pigeon egg, which is found on the roof of the restored mosque Arches.

Text: “News of the week”