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– It to lose some this way, is completely horrible. The worst thing is that I never got taken part with the mom, ” says Nina on the phone from Zell am See in Austria.

Where she has lived for the last 23 years after she hit the austrian Horst who she married and got a son together with. Also the mother of Nina, Anne Grethe Aarnes, stayed in Zell am See.

Nina is originally from Oregon where she is in the 1980’s and 90’s was a well known radio announcer in Radio Facts.

Was sick at the same time

Both Nina and her mother became sick at the same time in the middle of march, but with completely different symptoms. While her mother got high fever, was Nina very sick with both cough, palpitations, fever, pain in head and vomiting.

Nina Aarnes Wanke believes people should prepare themselves that the disease can affect anyone.

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Because the mother is over 80, she was hospitalized and tested early; a test which showed that she had korona.

What is scary about this disease is that it is so unpredictable. One begins to feel fresh, so an hour later, one terminally ill, ” says Nina.

Was totally unprepared

– None of us probably thought we should ever get to experience this. It is a war without bombs. We have absolutely no control on what this virus is doing with us, ” says Nina.

She thinks we all need to be prepared that this disease can affect anyone, hard and brutal.

– It is like being in a horror movie.

– Now I’m sitting here at home, my mom is on a frozen inventory in anticipation of to be cremated. No one knows when she can bisettes. I have no idea even where things she had in the hospital.

– I was totally unprepared that this could happen, ” says Nina.

Stricter in Austria

Nina follows with both on the Norwegian and austrian news and see the big differences on how the authorities handle the situation.

It is good that the authorities are strict in Norway.

To the memory of Anne Grethe Aarnes. When a person dies in Central and Southern Europe, made it an announcement with a picture and some nice words for the deceased. It is shared out to family and friends and to be hung up outside churches and on nærbutikken.

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She seems the rules are clearer and stricter in Austria. Among other things, they won’t go out without a mask, just go walk up to 100 metres from the house. And the police and the home Guard patrolling all over the place.

It is completely empty out in the street here in Zell am See, ” she says.

That the people in Norway complain that they don’t get to travel in the cabin, interrupted Nina.

– It is a mockery against all of us who stand in the middle of a koronahelvete and lose their close and loved ones around us.

it All went so fast

At the end of last week felt like the mother herself piggere, while Nina still felt lousy. Mother called and chatted with their girlfriends when the fever went down, and Nina was sure her mother would be completely healthy soon.

– We will stand’n of, said his mother Anne Grethe to Nina on his finnmarksdialekt one of the last few days.

– We called and said good night every night, also Saturday night which was the last time we talked together. Only an hour later called them from the hospital and told that mom had to be placed in a respirator. She had been a powerful pneumonia, ” says Nina.

Just two days later the dead mother in the hospital.

Nina’s life turned upside down in a short time. She does not know when she will get elevated her mother. And she does not know how life is after this.

– But the worst thing is that I did not get taken goodbye with mom.

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