The formula 1 must help your so-called small Teams in the battle for economic Survival and, therefore, the 2021 proposed budget ceiling of $ 175 million per season, will continue to reduce. This is the opinion of Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has argued in an interview with motorsport magazine. “The money will be in the next few years,” said the Austrian: “that’s Why you have to adapt and not dream that everything will be as it was before the Covid-19-time.”

It was for a patron who has invested a lot of money in a racing stable, not exciting, when “the big Teams spend a lot of money and a small Team is four seconds slower and by the eighth or ninth space fights”, Steiner said: “Because he can do the same, instead of hundreds of millions to spend in the Paddock Club and see how the front of the Teams.”

However, the top teams had to rely on the smaller teams to the field to replenish, “and that’s why we need to agree on something, where it is both possible to drive. Because only participate in three, four seconds slower, and spend a lot of money, makes no sense,” said Steiner.

The sense in the formula 1 is in times of Corona-pandemic “still not quite healthy, but it’s healing slowly,” said Steiner: “Everyone knows how it is to the world at the Moment, but everyone is still trying the Best of the Situation to get out.” This is not wrong in principle, but: “The most Important thing now is for all to understand the situation in which we find ourselves.”