Singer’s husband, Pyotr Kucherenko is a government employee.

He Deputy Minister of science and higher education, and during the pandemic continues to go to work and meet many people.

So he decided to live separately from the family in order not to become a potential carrier of the virus.

But your birthday Kucherenko wanted to meet in a circle of close people, and for hedging surrendered three test for the coronavirus.

But fate decreed otherwise. Before the holiday, Peter broke his leg.

“in order to spend together with the family my birthday was interrupted by the regime of self-isolation. Wednesday and Thursday he made three tests for the coronavirus to make sure that healthy and will not endanger us. Peter works constantly, he has a very important and responsible post. But the problem does not happen alone. In this terrible time, he managed to tuck the leg. We thought a sprain, turned out to be a broken” — quoted Gurtskaya Express Newspaper.

As reported by “the Rambler”, the representatives of the French school ACCORD, made a denial of the accusations that are made in the air NSN Russian singer Diana Gurtskaya.