Gunhilde Köhler is 74 years old, a pensioner from Baden-Württemberg and has now sued the federal government. The reason: the 300 euros energy flat rate that all employees get – but not pensioners.

Because energy prices are shooting through the roof, the traffic light government has decided on several measures in the latest relief package. This also includes the 300-euro energy flat rate. All employed persons in Germany are to receive these. However, one large group excludes this completely – the retirees. According to official figures, around 21 million in 2020. All of them do not get the energy allowance because they are not employed.

But many could also use the money very well. The 74-year-old Gunhilde Köhler from Pforzheim in Baden-Württemberg does not want to accept that. She sued – against the federal government. The newspaper “Badische Latest News” reported on this.

She calls it “unequal treatment”. Köhler: “My husband and I are pensioners with a disability card, without government support. My husband is ill and I am taking care of it.” With her lawsuit before the social court in Karlsruhe, she now hopes to also get the lump sum.

Köhler also spoke about her complaint in the “Bild am Sonntag” and said: “That’s a huge mess.” thought in Berlin, the old people don’t even notice it,” she says indignantly.

The court in Karlsruhe confirmed receipt of the lawsuit, but according to the newspaper it is not yet certain whether it will be heard.