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Bjørn Guldvog, who himself was put in quarantine right after that the government introduced some of the strictest measures ever, says to NRK that there is still much uncertainty related to the koronaviruset.

– We have chosen to turn down the epidemic as well as we can. It is in order to win more time, get more knowledge and be able to provide better treatment to all, ” says helsedirektøren.

He believes this gives the authorities room to analyze experiences from other countries and use these to make even better decisions in Norway.

– We are in the big degree in the process to be successful with this. We don’t know how far we manage to knock down this epidemic, but we see quite sharply decreasing numbers if we compare with what we could have had if we had not had these powerful measures, ” he says.

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the Goal is to get the so-called reproduksjonstallet down to 1.

– I think we are about to move us far down towards the 1. I don’t think we are quite there yet, but this model now our skilled colleagues at the Norwegian institute of public health, and they will deliver a report on Friday about how the development is, says Guldvog.

the Calculation is based on the number that is 1-2 weeks back in time. Currently, we see an indication that the measures are working, believe Guldvog.

– Before we have seen that there is a trend that persists over time, we can not say how well it works. But the measures have the effect, I have no doubt about today, ” he says.

Everything about koronaviruset NRK answer: korona are Looking for solutions for children

Measures may be long-lasting, but it may be possible to modify some of them.

– It is no secret that many would like to see if we can get better solutions for our children. Exploration is conducted with great perseverance for solutions to give more children of kindergarten and school. At the same time, there is a discussion about where the large proportion of spread that occurs through the children, and it gives us more information about the day-to-day, says Guldvog.

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Guldvog think we will find new ways to organize society that makes that smitterisikoen is lower.

– We can’t have this approach all the time. We must hand over a stafettpinne to something that can take over. When we believe we when is that we can test many, many more than today, ” he says.

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In addition, planned it in order to get help through tracking technologies, develop plans to isolate the sick and putting close contacts into quarantine.

– It will give us a mechanism that when we get a flare-up of the virus, as a small ulmebrann, we can quickly have measures to extinguish this, says Guldvog.

Think on summer vacation

It is currently uncertain whether we can be safe at any flokkimmunitet. While we are waiting on a vaccine, hoping the ministry of Health also on a preventive medicine, such a man has malaria.

Next week should the government decide how we should behave after 13. april.

– I think it will be summer vacation in years. But it hangs together with what we achieve in the early stages. It can be short vacations on the part of the us, ” he says.

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Acting assistant director in the directorate of Health, Espen Rostrup Nakstad, does not believe there is so big difference on Norway’s strategy and the countries that have curfew.

NO LONGER THAN NECESSARY: Espen Rostrup Nakstad in the ministry of Health says that he hopes the most stringent measures can be fixed up. – If all are good at it, is not the need for the strictest measures so large, ” he says.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / Håkon Mosvold Larsen

– We have high trust each other, and most follow the rules. We believe the measures can be just as good as the more dramatic measures in other countries. If we get smittetallet down, we are in a different situation, ” says Naktstad to NRK.

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– The most stringent measures, there is no one who wants longer than necessary. We hope to be able to drop up eventually and replace it with intensive tracing the infection and measures that the basic distance to each other, and we keeps us at home if we are sick. If all are good at it, is not the need for the strictest measures so large, ” he says.

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