A boy from Ghana is just over a year old. But despite – or perhaps because of – his age, he is now considered the youngest male artist in the world. 

A little boy from Ghana has set a world record. Ace-Liam Nana Sam Ankrah is the youngest male artist in the world at one year and 152 days. This was announced by “Guinness World Records”. 

The boy has also taken part in a group exhibition at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ghana. Ten of his works were exhibited there, nine of which were sold. 

Ace-Liam’s mother Nana Sam Ankrah is an artist herself and tells Guinness World Records about his first painting. “While he was learning to crawl, I spread a piece of unstretched canvas on the floor and dropped some paint on it to keep him busy while I worked on a commissioned painting.” She goes on to quote: “He […] handed them out Finally, paint all over the canvas, creating his first masterpiece entitled The Crawl.” 

In order for the one-year-old to qualify for the record, he had to pass a number of requirements. This is reported by the BBC. Accordingly, he must have taken part in a professional, publicly accessible exhibition and sold his work. In addition, his work had to meet a professional standard. According to the BBC, proof was also necessary that he made the works himself. 

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