Guido denied negotiations with the authorities

The leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guido on Tuesday said that the political opponents of the government of Nicolas Maduro does not negotiate with the authorities.

Earlier, Reuters, citing its sources reported that representatives of the United socialist party of Venezuela, which is led by Maduro, and supporters of Guido began negotiations for pandemic coronavirus.

"This is false information," wrote Guide on Twitter.

According to him, the major opposition parties share the same position. "There is only one option possible agreement for the salvation of Venezuela – the formation of an emergency government without the drug in its composition. The government, which will be able to access international aid, we need", – said the oppositionist.

The situation in Venezuela worsened after the 23 January 2019 Guido, whose appointment to the post of speaker of Parliament two days before it was annulled by the Supreme court, declared himself acting President. The interim head of state recognized by the US, joined the country’s Group Lima (except Mexico), the Organization of American States and most European Union countries.

Maduro called the incident a coup attempt and announced the severance of diplomatic relations with the United States. It was supported by Russia, Belarus, Iran, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria and Turkey.