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– Italian companies often have classroom instruction for their employees, but they can’t now. Therefore, they look for other ways to implement språkkursene on, ” says Nils Helset in LangO.

He and his wife Katie Helset started the company LangO in 2014, and launched their own språklæringsplattform in 2017. They offer custom-made, digital English course for Norwegian and international businesses and has 22 teachers around Europe.

And now they are hiring more.

– Yes, it is enough to it. We are in a process to expand the network to bring in more teachers to the new customers, ” says Nils Helset.

They already had a lot of Italian companies on the kundelista, but after that korona-the pandemic struck, the market in Italy increased by 30-40 per cent.

Many italians are bad in English and before happened a lot of language learning face-to-face. It is no longer possible and that is why our digital solutions are attractive for companies that work in an international environment, ” says Helset.

Also companies in Spain and Portugal requested more digital courses now.

Share experiences during the pandemic

LangO is still a new and small business and Nils and Katie Helset is happy for the development they see now. But they’re also trying to give something back in this kriseperioden.

Want to run some promotions with free sessions, both with companies in Norway and abroad, where we share expertise and experience with the customers we already have. And so, we share our experiences from different countries in the situation we are in now, ” says Nils Helset.

Nils Helset and Katie Helset experiencing great interest in its digital language courses now as no learning can happen face-to-face.

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LangO is incubator business in Bricks Innovation AS, which means that they get subsidized guidance and assistance over time. Through the Blocks Innovation, they have also gained access to a wide network.

Juggling at home

It all started with Katie Helset, who is half English and half French, struggled to find a job in Norway. She started with English lessons for children and families, and then for the banks and other businesses.

In these days govern the Katie and Nils business from his home in Hamar, norway, where they also have to juggle two small children by the side of the growing oppdragsmengden.

– It is busy during weekdays, yes. But it is my wife and I who runs the company, so in that way it’s nice that we at least get changed a little bit on who’s doing things around the house and with the kids, and who are working, ” says Nils Helset.

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