Despite strong criticism of the current China policy, the VW Group wants to continue growing there and invest in technological developments.

Before Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) travels to Beijing, the Volkswagen Group is sticking to its China strategy and citing the government’s position. “Chancellor Scholz has repeatedly underlined that decoupling or deglobalization are the wrong answers to the recent crises (pandemic, supply chains, climate crisis, Russian invasion war in Ukraine),” a VW Group spokesman told the newspapers of Mediengruppe Bayern.

“Instead, the Chancellor advocated more diversification to strengthen independence and resilience. We support the Chancellor’s approach.” The company continues to pursue a course of growth in the Chinese market. “We don’t just want to maintain our market position, we want to further expand it. Especially when it comes to electromobility. We want to grow in China, gain additional market share and invest even more in local technological developments,” the spokesman continued.