information about, in the Defense looks to be worse than previously thought.

It appears in an email stamped as ‘confidential’, as a colonel and deputy director of the department of defense Ejendomsstyrelse Claus Pertou Brixensen 23. January, among other things, has sent to Søren Tang Møller, who is head of the department of defense Internal Review.

And it is the right stay, what comes forward in this mail, as B. T. has gained access to documents from the ministry of Defence.

“It is a Pandora’s box that opens up,” says Frank Aaen (EL), which is statsrevisor.

the Mail from the colonel is about, what the Defence so far have found out in an internal investigation of possible fraud in a cooperation with the company Søndergaard EL A/S located in Holstebro.

the Company was already 9. december last year accused of, to which was transferred the much higher amount from the department of defense Ejendomsstyrelse, than supplies from the company, the actual cost.

The excess funds were standing to the firm as a ‘list’, as employees of the Defense could use to buy things such as expensive lamps, pizzaovne and as wine gifts.

But it was rejected in a press release from the elfirmaet, that there was done something illegal.

Now the colonel in the email, four from the Defense is charged in the case.

He says also, that the department of defense Ejendomsstyrelse along with a broadcast team from the ministry has found it necessary to check one of the defendants ‘ mail.

And clearly, it is rather grim information, the review of the one suspect mail has revealed.

According to the colonel shows the mail application of the mirror account’ at Søndergaard EL A/S and ‘method for the generation of mirror account’.

And the case is even worse.

the Colonel informs that the review of the mail shows ‘indications of suspicious circumstances related to the other suppliers’.

It will say that there apparently can be created skyggekonti with other business partners or made the second, called ‘suspicious’.

“the scale of the Case grows. It looks like a gang in the Defence Ejendomsstyrelse, who has had good opportunities to help each other to create a so-called mirror account, where Defence money is put into an account, the private can use,” said Frank Aaen.

He looks more new information in the mail from the colonel.

“We now know there are at least four accused in the Defense. It also appears as though there are multiple suppliers involved. It must incidentally wonder, then, that two of the four, the police have been charged in the case, obviously still at work,” he says.

B. T. has sent the new email to the Defense, who does not have any comments, as well as to the minister of defence Trine Team (S), which has these words:

“the Cases of fraud in the Defense are both serious and utterly unacceptable. I have therefore also undertaken a number of external studies. Like all criminal offences are transferred for further investigation by the police,” says Trine Team.

the Minister refers to the Middle – and Vestjyllands Police for further information.

“As the matter you refer to, is still under investigation, we do not have the opportunity to comment on it or disclose the extent of the charges,” said inspector His Roost.

B. T. has spoken with the director at Søndergaard EL A/S, Brian Søndergaard, but he does not have any comments on the new information from the colonel.