Grigory Rapota whether created Federal vaccine against coronavirus

Gregory A. annually in the Union state in the process of implementation are 10-12 Federal programs, among them are programs in the field of medicine. Maybe our virologists – Belarusian and Russian – to unite the efforts and under the new Federal program to finally create a Federal vaccine ?

Grigory Rapota: Dream, of course, you can… If we seriously start a new program, the only training of its concept and further negotiation will take a year and a half. A vaccine is needed now. But still have to think about it, then I agree with you.

actually, we already have Federal programs in this area, and at our request, scientists from both the Russian and Belarusian sides – studying the use of the results of these programs in the fight against coronavirus. In particular, was the Federal program “BelRosTransgen” – as a result its implementation has been developed the technology for production of medicines based on human lactoferrin, which is involved in the formation of immunity in infants. Now it is produced in industrial scale. Logical question: can this product be used at least to partially solve the problem, which I now virologists around the world? Now our scientists are already working on it.

Another Federal program – “DNA identification”. To think about the possible use of the results of this programme in combating coronavirus has pushed me to a recent speech by one of the specialists at the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The presentation discussed about the presence of certain genetic predisposition of some people to resist infection. Our Federal program is meant for development in the field of genetics. We have already contacted the executors and offered to study the issue. Well, if a contribution will be able to make and participants of the Federal program.

Full text of the interview with Grigory Rapota, read, and see in the project “the UNION” in the evening of 22 April.