on the Occasion of world women’s day, the young Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has been to call in your home country for the most important woman of the year. In a survey conducted by the Institute Inizio on behalf of the newspaper “Aftonbladet”, the 16-Year-old narrowly against the party leader of the Christian Democrats, Ebba Busch Thor,.

Also, another Swedish newspaper, “Expressen”, named Thunberg “woman of the year”. There, a Jury decided on the award.

“Wow, this is amazing! This is very overwhelming and hard to believe”, was Thunberg quoted from “Aftonbladet”. “This is confirmation that what I’m trying to make a difference. And that I am so young, is too funny, I’m still a child.”

Greta is a demonstrated model for thousands of

Thunberg in August 2018 in front of the Parliament in Stockholm for a stronger fight for the climate. Your action has borne fruit in many countries, thousands of students have been on strike for weeks on Fridays according to your model for more climate protection. For the 15. March, more than 860 protests in 75 countries.

In the Top Ten of the “Aftonbladet”survey made it also to the Ex-Chairman of the Swedish Academy, Sara Danius, and crown Princess Victoria. To the question, “What is the Swedish woman had, in your opinion, during the past twelve months have a particularly positive effect?” replied some of the nearly 1000 respondents, with “wife/girlfriend” or “mom”. (SDA)