He is one of the most sought-after bachelors in the Switzerland: Gregory knee (41). 12. September, the Ex of Melanie Winiger (40) has appeared for the ninth Time with his erotic circus Ohlala in dübendorf, ZH. In VIEW of the knee gives his best seduction tips.

If a woman like that, you usually have too many thoughts. Often, one blocked himself, and is even more nervous. In any case, you should adjust. Not later than the second Date, you would then have a Problem. Then you have to adjust more and more. You’re authentic, it will never happen. There is still no one died because of a basket.

What jewelry the bears prayed? Your nail Polish has a special color? Stands out of the clothes or the hair is something special? Talk to it and show her that it strikes you and is important to you.

Too much body contact at all. Stupid sayings like “Hey Baby” and the stupid Fuck is also a taboo. Women appreciate style, so a bit of effort give you.

Humor is the key for a help Date. Is no way to seriously and robbing the woman is not equal with a marriage proposal. If something Funny happens, talk to it. Come on, lighten up and laugh about yourself, any ice to melt.

don’t take no risk and put on something Daring, but looking for a romantic Restaurant, or a cinema, where you and your Date feel comfortable. Then you’re also in dealing with each other more relaxed.

As a man, never the first kiss, always the woman come. This is the most important tip. Men are usually übereuphorisch. Better wait and see. Kissing does not have to happen on the first night.

men, you write the behind-the-ears: before every Date to wash! You should your praying best to meet directly after the sports. Take time to freshly make.

The man should invite the woman – because I’m old school. It’s not that you share the bill or the woman to pay, but you should behave like a Gentleman.

Gregory’s knee was on 9. October, born in 1977 in Lausanne. The son of artist Rolf Knie (70) belongs to the seventh Generation of circus dynasty knee. Already as a six year old he made his ring debut with his own pony dressage. Since 2002, he leads with his father, the winter circus Salto Natale. In 2011, the love circus Ohlala Premiere. Gregory knee is co-owner of the Restaurants, Butchers Table in Zurich and Bern.