in Order to ensure a safe home for children prohibits the three greenlandic cities serving alcohol than 2.25 percent.

Parts of the Greenland introduces alkoholforbud with immediate effect until 15. april. It happens to protect children who are at home during the coronaviruskrisen.

The type of Sermitsiaq.AG.

the Ban is applicable to Nuuk, Kapisillit and greenland’s.

– In such a særsituation we need to take many precautions to avoid infection. But the core of my decision is to protect children, they must have a safe home.

– I hope that we as a society see children as a shared concern that we all contribute to a safe community, said the chairman of the Greenland government of greenland, Siumut-president Kim Kielsen, in a news release, according to Sermitsiaq.AG.

the Measure would prohibit the serving of alcohol with an alcohol content of 2,25, while it is not possible to buy alcohol in the shops.

Kielsen points out, moreover, that people are less aware of contamination when they are under the influence of alcohol.

– Such a development will not only hit children and family, but will also increase the risk of the spread of the Covid-19, since people are less aware of smittefaren at gatherings where drink alcohol, he says.

In Greenland are ten persons infected with the coronavirus, while 344 are tested for the virus. It shows a statement from the Danish Health and medicines authority and Statens Serum Institut.

There are still no deaths in Greenland or on the Faroe islands. In the Faroe islands is 3346 tested, while the 155 is found to be contaminated.

the Borders of Greenland has been closed since 14. march, which at that time had not recorded any coronasmittede.

Just two days after the registered Greenland the first case. The person had been traveling and was subsequently quarantined.