data is stored online, it is called today, from the Upload to the Cloud. In fact, photos and documents, but not in the clouds but on an external Server of a data center. More recently, in Switzerland, and according to the international Standard. The high-performance data center in Lupfig AG offers the power density, security and stability, the large Cloud providers are demanding.

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One of these great Cloud providers in Green on the Mat. However, the customer name, the company is silent yet firm. In the space, companies like Google, Microsoft and Alibaba are. In addition to the large and small firms should have the opportunity to benefit from the Cloud services. A Server starts at 400 francs a month.

safety is a top priority at 70 million francs expensive data center large. Until visitors reach the server room is the heart of the system, you need to pass eight safety zones and a biometric security system. A security service is available around the clock. Deliveries will be scrutinized in detail. And also for operational safety is taken care of. In the case of a power failure, generators, and batteries a jump.

The Cloud is the future of

On the opening day made even Federal councillor Guy Parmelin (59) a private picture of the new building. The economic Ministers of the Cloud technology as an important step in the digitization of Switzerland. Thanks to your liberal framework, good infrastructure and skilled professionals, the country is ready to implement such projects.

Already more Franz Grüter (56), Chairman of the Board of Green Lucerne, SVP national councillor thinks. The future lies in the Cloud, he says in the media release. With annual growth rates of more than 30 percent in the new data center is to be back to small. It needs more capacity. At the site in Lupfig, the Expansion in planning is, therefore, a further Three high-performance data centers are connected to the neighboring meadow already.