Since, however, lllner is already for the second Time in the ZDF almost in parallel with a Talk on “special” also on this Sunday time slot – and this time, even with the same theme: the 800,000 people in Germany are threatened in nursing homes from the Corona Virus. Against Illner want. Public law against public law. Fees paid against fees. And what is the topic supposed to be in Monday to talk “Tough but fair”? Is announced in the case of Frank Plasberg: “The Virus and the care to be the case of old people’s homes to Corona?” The Virus has affected, obviously, the public broadcaster. Before the fight in order to rate and guests none stop these days. FOCUS Online

“We have increased the funds for the telefonseelsorge”

Illner at moderated your topic even darker than in the First. The pictures of the homes are processed to even more Menace. The presenter, your guests have to say but also really something? A first answer creates disillusionment. Franziska Giffey, as Federal Minister of family Affairs for the Old in the country, actually says: “We have increased the funds for the Samaritans.” That’s comforting, if a mother or father die alone in the home, then daughter and son, at least the phone can access to auszuheulen. The reality these days is blacker than any black Humor.

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“We have serious questions before us,” announces Robert Habeck in the round. Unfortunately, did not give the-Chairman of the Greens in this time, the power, the answers to heavy questions. Quickly the Illner-Sunday special comes to the question of whether especially the Elderly in this country should be limited to about April and beyond in their freedom of movement further. Robert Habeck hesitate with his answer. Then he says: “Yes, old people have a right to self-determination.”

“I would bring my own mother home”

Very softly, he tried every hard question to evade. The longer the crisis lasts, says Habeck, “the more health will be health to weigh”. Currently, people die alone, because hardly anyone is allowed to visit even on his death bed. And what Habeck says? To take “via WhatsApp goodbye – the remains stuck in the throat.” And then a particularly revealing sentence entrutscht him: “We are in grey areas that are not politically auffangbar.” Screenshot ZDF

And what the viewer learns? The Green, the hope, Robert Habeck is Yes as Would-be Chancellor, not to feel, unfortunately, is responsible when a crisis are critical. It falls to him, obviously, but easier to talk Big and All, and the Basic. If it’s a matter of life and death, he will be very silent, amazingly silent. The Greens have compassion, but no answers. And what’s with the practitioners in the Illner-Sunday-Talk? Eva Ohlerth, since the 30-year-old nurse, affirms: “From a problematic home, I would get my own mother is definitely home.”

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