Because an English woman wanted to achieve the perfect tan, she mixed six different brands of self-tanner together. Instead of an even tan, she turned green.

The temperatures are rising and summer is finally approaching. In order to be able to present tanned skin before their vacation, many people turn to self-tanners. In contrast to harmful UV radiation, this protects the skin. But an attempt to artificially help with a summer tan went terribly wrong for a woman from England.

To achieve the perfect tan, Bobbie Jo Houston from Blackpool, England, mixed a total of six different self-tanners. However, the result, which she shared on TikTok, was anything but satisfactory: her face turned a khaki green color.

As the Daily Mail reports, Bobbie had mixed brands like Bondi Sands, St. Moriz, St. Tropez, tanning drops and various bronzing oils into one, hoping to achieve “the right color in the morning.” But the next morning she was faced with a disaster: her face had turned green.

The mother documented her unsuccessful tanning session on the social media platform TikTok and looked to the community for advice on how to fix the problem. Her story was viewed millions of times.

“Everything is going wrong, I’m getting greener by the hour,” the Englishwoman explained in her video. “I pray it’s not green anymore. In the light it is khaki green. You can’t see my eyebrows at all.”

The green coloring and the upcoming event she planned to go to with her daughter worried the 39-year-old: “I’m worried now because my daughter and I really want to go out for the day,” she said, according to Daily Mail”.

To get rid of the green disaster, Bobbie tried rubbing the chemical mixture off with several makeup remover wipes. Some of her followers advised her to use lemon juice. Ultimately she managed to get the paint off in time.

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