The election party of the Greens was coming to an end, even before the final election result was clear. At least for those who wanted to toast with a beer on the victory. This was, in fact, already before midnight. Also, bouquets of flowers were not for all of the Chosen of Europe. The party had been caught by surprise from your historic victory.

For Green party leader, Balthasar Glättli (47) means the Triumph at the ballot box one thing above all: a lot of work. Him unexpected questions. For example: Where to meet the Green meetings in the future? The former faction rooms of the Greens in the Federal house is now much too small for the group, which is growing on Sunday from eleven to 28 members.

A space problem, the green liberals have. Your group has nine new members and is thus at a stroke twice as large. The parliamentary services are in the brains. “We have recognized the Problem of the small group rooms on the Green and the GLP”, with parts on demand, from VIEWS. “A solution we have not yet.” Because the free rooms of the required Size, there is not in the Federal house, just on stock.

1:1 care? Not!

The Greens have also planned to provide each newly elected member of the Group an experienced Götti on the page. Since there are now more New than Previous, is a 1:1 support is impossible. The big task for the group will be to trim the New party line. Especially in the case of the GLP – which has as a center party, a relatively wide spectrum is a challenge.

“of course it will be the beginning of more discussions than usual,” says GLP-Secretary-General Michael Köpfli (36). Group leader, Tiana Angelina Moser (40) calculates that it takes time until the group has found. “It’s part of a learning phase.”

The victory is also worth financially

The election triumph also has human consequences. “In the electoral defeat four years ago, we had to reduce the size of our Secretariat. Now we can rehire employees,” says Flan.

money for the party has now – because of the victory at the ballot box pays for itself. To the fixed contribution of just under 145’000 Swiss francs, of the all the groups receive the law, are added for each selected parliamentarians 26’800 francs. In the case of the Green that makes new probably over a Million Swiss francs – more than twice as much as before. Exactly quantify the amount not to occupy because many councillor seats. The GLP gets a quarter of a million. Add to this, for the parties to the mandate duties, which have to deliver the parliamentarians.

growth in membership expected

The victory at the ballot box could have finally not only on the Size of the budget, but also on the members. Success makes sexy – this is true, the election winner hope also for parties. First indications are already there. “In the last days, there were more registrations,” says GLP-Secretary of Flan. The numbers of members were increasing already since the beginning of the year. “The electoral success of our topics, but still present.” In the last few months, the Greens have won according to Glättli five times more members than in the long-term average. “We target a further growth in membership.”