Here for the big VIEW-climate-survey.

Greta is her role model. Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swede, playing hooky every Friday, the school to demonstrate in front of Parliament in Stockholm to ensure that your country has finally taken effective measures against climate change.

The young woman has inspired young people around the world. And so one Friday night, not somewhere students go on the road instead of into the classroom goes by. Also in Switzerland. The next air strike will take place on 15. The end of March.

VIEW wants to know how the climate is

But the climate is really the head of the young concern? Where would you start if you had the Say? And what would you – the climate’s sake – refrain from?

a VIEW want to know. And is, therefore, with the research Institute gfs.bern, a survey developed, which is aimed primarily at the Young, but also wants to find out what Elderly think about climate change. With power, climate change, a survey of VIEWS!